Instinctive Aim

Instinctive Aim

Instinctive Aim

Instinctive Aim is one of the Force Power upgrades from the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game


Instinctive Aim


While you perform a special attack, you may spend 1 force to ignore the focus or lock requirements.

Force Powers +

Instinctive Aim eligible Ships

Attack Shuttle

TIE/ln Fighter

Delta-7 Aehersprite

Lancer-class Pursuit Craft

Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter

Sheathipede-class Shuttle

T-65 X-Wing

TIE Advanced v1

TIE Advanced x1

TIE/vn Silencer

VCX-100 Light Freighter


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Instinctive Aim featured Products

X-Wing Second Edition Core Set

First appearance: Wave I

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