Guides & Strategies

Slippery Ships

01 07 14

Some ships flight patterns are a lot more difficult to predict and consistently keep inside the fire arch. Here is a list of those hardest to catch.

The beauty and the beast

04 09 14

They are still only small small specks at the horizon. But don’t feel to secure, because soon the VT-49 Decimator and the YT-2400 Freighter will enter the fray, and forever change how we approach dogfights in outer space.

Here is our expectations to the two most radical new pilots Captain Oicunn and Dash Rendar, that both represent new and unique combat tactics.

The phantom pain

05 08 14

The TIE Phantom is arguably the most advanced and difficult ship to fly in the fleet of the Empire. Learn how to get the most out of these sneaky devils.

What is X-Wing Miniatures?

19 05 14

If you are new to the game, you will find a overview of the game here. Consider it like X-Wing 101.