Enlist The Academy

Attention cadet!

Welcome to the Academy. Here you will be able to receive the best education an aspiring TIE-Fighter pilot can hope for.

The academy will contain all the guides, resources and strategies for X-Wing Second Edition Miniatures Game, you will need to prevent your crafts from blowing up prematurely.

You will gain access to extensive information of all ships, all known pilots and upgrades from both the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire and all other kinds of villainy and scums you will encounter.

Here you will find the knowledge of countless academy pilots that have perished before you, but also the wisdom of some of the best aces, who have ever grazed the battlefields.

So we expect you to enlist as an Academy Pilot of this esteemed institution.


X-Wing Second Edition


X-Wing Second Edition almost here

On September the 13th X-Wing 2.0 will experience a relaunch and will replace the original version of X-Wing.

This new edition will be an throughout update of the current game, with an abundance of refinements and additions.

Here at Academy Pilot we will attempt to collect and present all intel revealed about this new version of X-Wing.

So keep close watch on this academy if you wish to stay updated on X-Wing Second Edition.

But also be aware that second edition is yet to be released and that any information here might prove wrong. Most of it comes from our trusted network of spies, but it has been necessary to make some assumptions – especially when it comes to upgrades – to get the complete picture.


The phantom pain
The phantom pain
The phantom pain